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If you are thinking of sodding your lawn, here is something you may not have thought of...

I recently read this on Houzz on a post where someone was describing why some sod lawns seems to grow fine while others do not. It made me think... "I bet most people haven't thought of this":

"Sod grows on sod farms in peat moss, being spoon-fed like a two month old baby. It gets ripped out, root sheared, and thrown into a yard, where it's usually starved."

Hydroseeding, on the other hand, only requires a minimum of 3/4" of topsoil grows right in the native soil. In most cases, this fact alone produces a lush, healthy lawn with deep root penetration.

A well graded, tilled and pulverized Seed-Bed is an important step towards a beautiful , healthy, trouble free lawn.

We offer a site preparation service to properly prepare the soil surface prior to the hydroseeding application. We have a Skid Steer with a Harley Rake Attachment which we use to grade newly placed topsoil or loosen and grade existing compacted soil. A properly prepared soil surface promotes better seed penetration into your soil which results in a healthier, thicker lawn.

Our site preparation service also includes any hand-raking that is required in areas where the machinery is not able to access such as, around trees, decks, etc….

If you would like more information on the many advantages of hydroseeding, call us at 613-802-1691 or contact us through our website!location/c2ua

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