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Hydroseeding is the best way to grow a lawn

As homeowners in eastern Ontario turn their attention to outdoors, I am sure many have "lawn maintenance" on their list of things to do. And part of that list might be "growing a new lawn" for some.

For those that are researching the best option among sod, seed and hydroseed, here is some advice from The Edmonton Journal:

"In terms of expense, hydroseeding wins out over sodding at one-third the cost.

With hydroseeding, the root system of the lawn grows on-site, whereas with sodding the turf is cut and the roots exposed to disease. While sod is an established plant it still needs to be treated as you would a new lawn because the roots have been cut back. With hydroseeding, it is growing in place and is not disturbed."

hydroseeding is the best way to grow a lawn


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