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Another reason to choose hydroseeding over sod for grass seeding project

As we stated in an earlier blog post, a major reason to choose hydroseeding over sod is the fact that sod is "transplanted" into soil that is not native. This can sometimes produce less than acceptable results if the sod doesn't "take."

Hydroseeding, on the other hand, provides much more flexibility. The hydroseed mix can be tailored to suit a specific project. Engineers may choose to use a 100% wood mulch, cellulose mulch (recycled newspaper), straw mulch, or a Bonded Fibre Mulch or Reinforced Fibre Mulch. The seed blends can also be customized for the situation.

Bonded Fibre Matrix (Mulch) BFM

BFM is a completely biodegradable mulch products which form a mechanically-bonded yet open fiber mulch matrix contain natural fibers and interlockable crimped natural fibers, the crimped natural fibers being crimped by a process which induces a water-resistant permanent crimp.

Fiber Reinforced Matrix (Mulch) RFM

RFM is engineered with pasteurized wood fibers, dispersible synthetic fibers and exclusive soil-bonding agents for immediate and effective erosion protection on challenging terrain even during hard rains. The nontoxic matrix formula maintains fiber flexibility and loft for impact resistance, air circulation and moisture retention that promotes seed germination and plant growth.


In Ontario, there are both municipal and provincial standards for commercial projects but we can customize the mix to a specific situation or condition. This customization will produce better results overall for long term growth.


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