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The importance of uniformity when planting grass seed

Hand seeding is obviously a hit and miss way to plant grass at the best of times.

First of all it is difficult to get uniformity when hand seeding because even on a perfectly still day, hand seeding results in bare areas no matter how careful the seeds are dispersed.

Wind and rain can disperse grass seed and that often creates bare patches that must be reseeded to create a uniform lawn.

Birds can also wreak havoc on newly seeded areas. Let's face it, the birds have to eat and what better place for a meal than a bare patch of land with a buffet of seeds spread out before them. Low hanging fruit so to speak.

With hydroseeding, the slurry is completely mixed and when sprayed on the ground if forms a "blanket" that not only holds the seeds in place but also has uniform spacing. Seeds per square foot are equal throughout the planted area, which is important.

But even more important is the fact that when these seeds are uniformly planted it allows the roots to easily join together to form a healthy lawn much more quickly than hand seeding.

If you would like information on how JMB Equipment can create your perfect lawn, contact us and we will be more than happy to answer your questions.

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