Patches of dead grass caused by over fertilization

At JMB Equipment, we know a lot about planting, watering and fertilizing grass... it is our business after all.

We realize that it is not everyone's business, that a lot of our customers just want to have a great looking lawn without having to go to Lawncare University. For that reason we try to publish helpful posts that are easy to understand and provide information on everything lawn.

As you see in these images, one common problem is dead grass interspersed with healthy, green, lush grass. How can that happen? You treated the whole lawn with the same care, you watered the whole lawn... why did some grass die?

The answer could be over fertilization, caused by the uneven application of fertilizer. If not spread evenly, fertilizer can kill areas where too much fertilizer was applied.

Here is a great post that explains:

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