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Will I have weeds in my lawn if I choose hydroseeding?

I bought a new Oldsmobile years ago,

I actually ordered it exactly to my specifications and waited 6 weeks for it to arrive at the local GM dealership. When it arrived I couldn't wait to drive away and try it out so I told the helpful salesman "I don't need the GM recommended overview." I mean, c'mon, I am not an idiot, I have driven many different cars...

A couple of days later I couldn't figure out why, when I pulled the lever towards me, the high beams wouldn't stay on. I drove to the dealership and asked the salesman how to set the high beams, he looked at me and said "Didn't you read the manual?" to which I replied, "No I have never read a car manual in my life." I will never forget his answer:

"You buy a barbecue or lawn mower for 3 or 4 hundred bucks and you read the manual cover to cover but you spend $20 Grand on a car and you don't? That does not make sense to me."

I had to admit he was right!

What does that have to do with hydroseeding you may ask.

Well, we get asked questions all the time that we have posted answers to on our FAQ page... BUT, we know that a lot of people do not look at our FAQ page. So we decided to bring them to our blog and Facebook pages so our followers will see them. I know, I know, that is GENIUS right?

So here is question #1:

Will I have any weeds in my hydroseeded lawn?

And here is the answer:

All newly seeded lawns can expect to experience weeds. All topsoil contains weed seeds. Weed seeds will lay dormant in topsoil for many years waiting for the ideal conditions to germinate. The fresh topsoil that you just spread on your yard has brought these weed seeds to the surface where they are now exposed to the conditions they need to germinate.

The extent to which you experience weeds will vary on several factors. The time of year will affect the amount of weeds that you experience. The best time to hydroseed your lawn and experience the least amount of weeds will be in the fall (September to early October). The temperatures are cooler and most weeds will not germinate in the fall when winter is approaching. Weeds like hot and dry weather. This is when you will expect the greatest amount of weeds to germinate along with your grass seed.


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